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Our partners are leaders on the Russian IT market. Using the expertise and experience of CTITP in the field of software support, they successfully create unique offers for customers.
Our team regularly undergoes training and passes certification exams from leading Russian and international software developers.

We are convinced that technological expertise and constant updating of knowledge are the basis of high-quality technical software support.
reduces business risks and allows you to focus on what is of paramount importance.
We are certified
Key companies on the Russian market with which we actively exchange knowledge and experience. Technology partnerships help improve the quality of our services.

We value the contribution of partners to our common successes and strive to develop relationships. Together we are creating a future where quality and innovation become the standard.
Multivendor supplier of software and equipment for solving complex business applications.
Russian IT company providing services in IT consulting, optimization and automation of business processes, creation of IT infrastructure and IT outsourcing.
Technology partner with comprehensive expertise in the field of infrastructure construction and development, implementation of information systems, development of software solutions and service support
The company specializes in implementing projects and providing services for the creation and development of corporate information and analytical systems and their components.
One of IBM's premium service partners and was able to compete with leading companies in the IT infrastructure technical support segment.
A Russian IT company that helps major corporations and government organizations determine the vector of development, relying on a modern scalable technology platform.
A technology consortium of integrators and development companies with practical expertise in the field of Process Mining, Big Data, Machine Learning and other innovative technologies
A leading provider of solutions and services in the field of digital transformation and information security.
One of the leaders in the field of IT consulting and system integration. Helps businesses achieve more through leading technologies and services, as well as proprietary products.
The MONT group of companies began activities in 1991 and is currently one of the largest software distributors in Russia.
OCS is a leading Russian distributor of design solutions and retail products.
The largest Russian company in the IT, household appliances, stationery and office furniture markets.
The company provides the ability to process and analyze large volumes of data necessary for effective decision-making, as well as planning and monitoring the company's current operating activities.
A company of specialists provides the best service and results in the field of enterprise software development
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Cooperation with CTITP reduces business risks and allows you to focus on what is really important now.
We strive to make interaction with our support team as convenient and efficient as possible.
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